Materiali e tecniche

Bernard Fransen



Showing the butterfly in his habitat. 
Clossiana selene, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

 The Netherlands, De Weerribben, 1997-07-26 
Nikon F100, 50mm lens, fill-in flash -1.5 stops


Viene inserito il testo in lingua originale inviato dall'Autore, che pubblica le sue foto anche in un proprio sito Internet:

I am Bernard Fransen, a Dutch amateur entomologist. From my childhood onwards I'm already interested in nature, insects, especially butterflies and moths. 
In the beginning (early sixties) I started to collect the insects, but very soon, the required killing of these beautiful insects, gave me a bad feeling. So I started to make a collection by taking photographs of the insects. 

At present I combine many of my hobbies : butterflies/moths, walking in nature, photography and computers. All my images are made in nature and give a documentation of real life situations. 
Important for me are items like: composition, color, action, beauty, and so on. 

Before 2003 I used the analogue Nikon F100 with a macro lens (50 mm,105mm or 180mm).
The films I used for my slides were: Fuji Velvia (50ASA) or Provia 100F (100ASA).
In 2003 I completely switched to digital photography. 
At present I mostly use my digital Nikon D100, a 6 MPixels SLR camera. The images are saved in the RAW mode.

When possible I use a tripod to avoid vibrations. When needed I use a reduced (-1.3/-1.7 stops) fill-in flash for lighting up the too dark parts. 

Taking all these pictures gave me a lot pleasure and satisfaction. I hope you will enjoy my images.



Transparent white colors in back-light.
Leptidea sinapis, Wood White
Hungary, Bukk NP, 2004-08-04
Nikon D100, 105mm lens, 1/160s, f/16, no flash





Rhapsody in Blue. 
Lysandra coridon (uncertain id.)
Northern Hungary, Aggtelek NP, 2004-08-13
Nikon D100, 105mm lens, 1/80s, f/13, no flash



A perfect color match.
Maculinea nausithous, Dusky Large Blue
The Netherlands, North Brabant, 2004-07-21
Nikon D100, 105mm lens, 1/250s, f/8, no flash





Eye to eye with a fresh female. 
Lycaena dispar, Large Copper
France, Savoie, Marais de Lavours, 2004-06-11
Nikon D100, 105mm lens, 1/30s, f/16, no flash